Barclays has a rich history and long established presence in Africaand Barclays Africa Corporate and Investment Bank (CIB) is focused on helping people achieve their ambitions in the right way.

The bank shares an ambition to realise the potential of the continent and recognises the importance of doing so in a sustainable way that unlocks lasting growth for the communities in which it shares its growth.

Barclays Africa CIB strives to be a respected corporate citizen in three major ways.

1) The way they do business: ensuring their decisions take account of stakeholder needs in the short and long term

2) Contributing to growth: delivering product and service solutions to help more people and society progress in a sustainable way

3) Supporting their communities: helping disadvantaged young people develop the skills they need to fulfill their potential

These core tenets informed CIB’s decision to partner with Brightest Young Minds (BYM). By working with BYM the bank contributes to growth by funding the incubation of sustainable businesses borne out of the annual BYM summit and BYM network at large that can provide solutions to pressing social and environmental challenges. Moreover, by being involved with the annual summit, the bank helps young people develop their leadership skills to create ripples of change across the continent.

Barclays Africa CIB is not just a bank, but an organisation that changes lives. By partnering with BYM the company is helping young leaders achieve their ambitions and thereby uplift their communities. Because when ambitions change lives, we all prosper.

Watch these videos to see why BYM is proud to partner with Barclays Africa CIB


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