Comprised of nearly 1500 members of the country’s top young talent between the ages of 20 and 35, the BYM network is eager to solve problems.

BYM offers creative ideation sessions with its alumni in order to explore pressing issues facing companies, organisations and government agencies from a fresh, ‘millennial’ perspective.

Participating alumni hold diverse expertise, including, entrepreneurship, banking, engineering, public policy, the sciences, art, sociology and more.

Sessions are carefully constructed with BYM partner company Matchboxology to creatively source information desired by the client and can be structured however the client prefers. For example, the sessions can include some of the client’s own millennial population, top leadership, project teams, a mixture thereof or exclusively BYM alumni.

Matchboxology’s expertise in Human Centred Design harnesses the power of empathy and insight to make innovation relevant, delivering measurable growth and positive behavior change for clients.

Thorough findings and inspiration are reported back to company teams after the sessions.

brainpower Tap into the brainpower of South Africas smartest young people to recognize opportunities facing your business and leadership teams, and challenge your own millennials to think big.

They’re your customers 2020

BYM alumni are extremely high potential individuals. They are your clients of tomorrow. Their thoughts on strategic and product planning could provide valuable insight into winning the hearts of tomorrow’s customers.

They’re purpose driven

BYM alumni are selected based on their demonstrated commitment to social change. They will strengthen your focus on ‘the why’ and make sure you stick to it—just as the market demands.

They have rich, diverse experience

BYM alumni have a range of high-quality professional exposure. Their collective mindset will help you identify harmful assumptions and biases—and potential solutions.

They’ve got that youthful spark

BYM alumni represent the most innovative and pragmatic young people in the country. Their powerful youth perspective provides a rich understanding of where the market is headed.


audience: senior leadership and/or company millennials

Engage BYM alumni on pressing and fascinating issues in a lightly facilitated conversation over drinks and dinner. This is ideal for exploring the changing landscape of your business’ role in society, generational values, employee value propositions and more.


audience: project teams and/or company millennials

Explore and brainstorm new ideas for products and offerings in a fun, relaxed environment that allows alumni to tell you what they want and what they don’t. This is great for imagining new company products, better systems and more relevant company cultures.


audience: project teams and/or company millennials

Present your vision of the ideal company of the future to BYM alumni in an open, collaborative environment—they can identify biases and assumptions and give you a fresh perspective on how well you’re designing for tomorrow’s customers. This is effective for strategy and exercises in innovation and critical thinking.

audience: senior leadership and/or company millennials

Ask BYM alumni about their personal connection to your industry and product offerings and what they think about your role in the community. This is a creative way to explore meaningful ways in which your company make an impact, build brand equity and gain customers—all straight from the young minds driving change across the country.



Work with BYM to design a session entirely unique to your company and needs.