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BY WENDY TROTT Before South Africa was South Africa, the land belonged to the Khoi and the San. Then groups moved in from further north, constantly shuffling power dynamics and sometimes using vicious methods to win power and expand their empires. Then, over a long period of time, colonialists from many other faraway lands arrived…


BYM Stands Apart

by Muhammed Bilaal Ismail Almost a month after the Brightest Young Minds 2014 Summit, the impact the organization is having a superbly strong impact on my life! In previously attended conferences/summits (mostly Chemistry related), I was always one of the youngest delegates. Although I made it a habit to listen to many, not many doctors or…


10 000 Hours to Your African Dream

by Thembani Biyam The story behind ‘10 000 hours to my African Dream’ is an unwonted one. Honestly, I had no intention of starting a movement. I simply wanted to to share, collaborate and debate with a diverse group of people on entrepreneurial topics. A blog appealed to me because it allowed me to connect…


#BYMinspired: spreading our inspiration just one week after the summit

by Owen Muzambi and Kabelo Mahlase Coming out of the 2014 Brightest Young Minds (BYM) summit, there were two apparent things; 1) we were all overflowing with the inspiration to make an impact in our society and 2) this inspiration had to be shared. Guest speaker Siya Xuza’s zealous speech at the 2014 BYM gala dinner,…


What South Africans Taught Me about Being American, Madelynne Wager

August 19, 2013 Gathered around a life-size chess board with ninety-nine of South Africa’s Brightest Young Minds, I was curious. How would I add value to their conversations as an American? And what would I learn during the week-long summit where I would engage with an array of African leaders? Prominent African experts confronted us—…



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