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Early days Early days
Over the Years Over the Years
Now & the Future Now & the Future

Early days

BYM was constituted at the turn of the millennium by inspiring young individuals who wanted to make a positive social impact in South Africa and Africa. The mission then was to create a positive social impact by identifying Africa’s top 100 entrepreneurs that could assist in realizing positive social impact in Africa. BYM’s methodology focused on connecting 100 high-impact entrepreneurs to each other ensuring long-term business Incubation. Since 2001, BYM has held Summits in Cape Town, Stellenbosch and Johannesburg with a growing number of BYM alumni who stay in touch with each other.

BYM is always looking to maintain a credible historical database of its events and insights. If you are a BYMer and have any contributions and insights, please share this with the current BYM Board at or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the site.

Over the Years

Over the year’s BYM’s vision has been to inspire and mobilize each member of its community to contribute positively and meaningfully to the world, according to their unique passions and strengths. BYM has engendered hundreds of Africa’s leading entrepreneurs whose focus in some material way aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Developmental Goals.

Since its inception, BYM has identified and mobilized over 1500 of Africa’s sharpest minds and most innovative thinkers. BYMers continue to stay in touch with each other, ensuring that BYM’s alumni network remains robust and continues to play a role in creating spaces for social impact and innovative ideation…

BYM has had numerous sponsors from Anglo America, Barclays, Absa, MTN, the Awethu Project and many more. The organization is always looking for potential partners to help it drive and scale the excellent work that it is providing to the youth of the country. If you would like to partner with BYM, email us at or use the ‘Contact Us’ form on the site.

Now & the Future

‘In 2020, the Brightest Young Minds constituted a new Board which consists of dedicated and passionate individuals who have served as directors of BYM in the past.. They bring a diverse range of skills to the organisation from management, finance, operations, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and an influential network.

2021 is more than 20 years since the inception of BYM and its rich history of cultivating a rich collection of trailblazers, changemakers and innovators. Over the next 10 years BYM aims to become pan-African and global organisation identifying Africa’s entrepreneurial talent, connecting them with each other and mobilizing their ideas and startups to effect positive and sustainable change in Africa.

As BYM grows, it hopes to play a pivotal in South Africa’s socio-economic development by cultivating Africa’s trailblazers and innovators.